The Fuzztone - Raisin' a Ruckus

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Rudi Protrudi, singer and mastermind of the legendary garage band THE FUZZTONES has written down his memoirs. The result is an extensive opus, that we could only fit into two large books.

The first part, „Raisin’ a Ruckus“ includes 200 pages (+ pictures) and describes Rudi’s childhood, his youth and his life as a musician from his early bands of the sixties to the art-punks Tina Peel to the first Fuzztones line up of the eighties, who were in the epicenter of the garage revival and the resurrected psychedelic movement at that time.

Incredibly wild and informative - this guy is as gifted in writing as he is in singing!

Hardcover, A4-format, full color + CD with unreleased tracks

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